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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> gun owners have been flocking to gun buy back programs handing in hundreds of fire arms. only on 2, ktvu's jade hernandez is live in oakland where she uncovered what happens to the weapons people turn in. jade? >> reporter: they are putting the weapons underground afor good. we told you about -- for good. we told you about the gun buy back program, but what happens to them? >> reporter: they could be made up of something you might not think of. >> get me that oozy. >> reporter: guns.
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specifically weapons collected during -- collected during the gun buy back program. the 680 weapons given up to the secret location where the guns are being pulled off the streets and put underneath it as materials for water pipes. but first all of these guns are run through the data bank to make sure they weren't involved in a crime. only one raised a red flag, that was stolen. >> reporter: if it was involved in a crime. >> we would investigate to find out where it came from. >> reporter: as for the rest of the weapons -- >> we pick up the scrap with a magnet, we load it into a hopper so we know the amount we have and we put it into had
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melting furnace. >> reporter: out comes the metal that is used for the pipe found underneath fire hydrants like this one. >> reporter: as for the other departments the oakland police department hasn't incinerated their guns that they have collected from their gun buy back program. they tell me today that the department is still testing them. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. today the city of santa cruz announced a memorial for the two police officers killed in the line of duty. it comes as investigators release new information about how the officers were gunned down. ktvu's robert handa is in santa cruz with the latest on both developments. robert? >> reporter: right now the police department remains closed as officer mourn but we have new information on the
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memorial and what happened from investigators and neighbors. >> reporter: santa cruz police announced a public memorial on march 7, many people paying tribute say they feel compelled to attend. >> when i drive to work, you know, i feel like i feel them. it is just -- just unthinkable. >> reporter: this afternoon they provided new information on the investigation, saying loren baker and elizabeth butler were not shot as they approached jeremy goulet's house as reported but had been talking with jeremy goulet through a closed door. >> he appeared from another location and ambushed them. >> reporter: a neighbor was questioned by the officers minutes before. >> there was shots and that is -- i thought that -- that they had taken out the bad guy but
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it turned out the other way. >> reporter: someone who parked near the shoot out counted his blessings. >> this one happened to be -- gone through the back of the van or the rear side of the van and was found in the tool box inside. >> reporter: what are your thoughts about finding it inside your van? >> i am glad it wasn't found inside of me. >> reporter: many plan to go to the memorial. >> yes, i plan to attend. since i was the last person to see them alive. >> reporter: that memorial will be at kaiser arena. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. hundreds of thoughts, prayers have been posted to our facebook wall. some people had a personal connection to the officers killed. he said butch baker was very dear to my heart. 21 years ago he saved my life
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and made sure my children were safe. thank you for being an amazing man. he said many cheers for all the dedicated law enforcements in the country. >> post your condolences on facebook and share this badge on your facebook page. the man hunt is over for the man accused of the shooting that left three people dead on the las vegas strip. ammar harris was arrested today in north hollywood. police say he shot and killed kenneth wayne cherry jr. of oakland causing his maserati to slam into a taxi killing the two people inside. last night police located tineesha lashun howard. she was with two other women in the suspect's suv during the shooting. the man accused of a deadly crash pleaded not guilty today. he is accused of killing a woman and injuring her daughter-
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in-law back in september. prosecutors say he was under the influence of lorazepam. his driver's license was suspended twice in the past following a dui in 2005. former captain and the contra costa county fire protection district is facing felony theft charges tonight. he is accused of stealing property from fire houses including gear, a chain saw and cooking equipment. documents show that he stole more than 250 items from various fire stations. he is free on $30,000 bail and scheduled to appear in court in april. a long time musition for the san francisco symphony -- musition for the san francisco symphony died this morning.
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the oboist collapsed. william bennett suffered a hemorrhage. he joined the san francisco symphony in 1979 and became the principal oboist in 1987. san francisco symphony music director said of william bennett he was a great artist, original thinker and a wonderful man. i am saddened to lost such a true friend. pope benedict xvi has resigned. >> bells tolled today. pope benedict xvi said farewell to well wishers at st. peter's square. he will spend two months of retirement at castel gandolfo. here in the bay area churches held services marking his last
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day. in san francisco they held a thanksgiving mass. parishioners offered special prayers and thanks for his service to the church. and in san jose another special mass is scheduled in under an hour. he sent a letter to parishioners inviting them to the mass. the service will mark the historic occasion. only on 2 tonight, a new poll shows a majority of californians are pessimistic about the state's future. that survey taken this month shows 72% have a negative perception of the state's economy but that is a drop from last year's figure. 30% said they were better off compared to a year ago.
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researchers asked about personal financial expectations for 2013. 30% said they expect to be better off compared to last year. that number is unchanged from 2012. it -- nute nute 6:00 p.m -- new tonight at 6:00 p.m., eric rasmussen has been talking with drivers about a gas tax hire approved today. >> reporter: come this summer you will pay an extra 3.5 cents a gallon and today officials said they had no choice but drivers said the timing couldn't be worse. >> got to get every last drop. >> reporter: every drop is getting more expensive. >> i want to get out of california. >> reporter: really? >> yeah. i don't like the gas prices.
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>> reporter: by a 3-2 vote they approved a 10% increase in the tax on gas. a move they said they were required to make by law. >> what happens if the board decides to violate the law? >> the statute doesn't provide for what the consequence would be. it would be a violation of the law. >> reporter: a lot of money at the pump is going to the government. californians pay 67% a gallon in taxes but come july 70.6 cents topping new york for highest in the nation. officials said they need to keep levels steady but even gas station owners say it is squeezing their slim profit margins. >> people cut back on the
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volume. we lose. everybody loses. >> reporter: californians bought less gas over all last year so the state collected less revenue, that is part of the reason the tax is going up now. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. governor jerry brown's proposed over haul, the man calls for funding for each school district but additional money for districts serving more low income districts. the plan is a good frame work for funding but far from the solution they say. >> this will address come -- some problems, not all problems. it could help so this is one important step forward. >> the new funding formula could be implemented by fall. they are among a group of
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california districts seeking a waver from strict national school standards. the no child left behind program relies on test scores. 9 superintendents want parents satisfaction, attendance to be factored in. tomorrow the ncaa will announce their investigation into the program. they have been looking into st. mary's recruitment. no word yet on whether it could impact their current season in which the team has a record of 25 wins and 5 losses. only on 2 the alarm that warns you of trouble before you have a heart attack. >> in 7 minutes, something the bay area hasn't seen in a
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they are investigating the discovery of a human skull. teens found it yesterday in a creek. the sheriff's department said it had been there at least a year. deputies searching the area today found other bones. university of california, santa cruz police said a reported rape was a hoax. she reported she was assaulted
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on february 17 on the campus. the woman was not a student. now police say the woman admitted that she made up the story. police are beefing up patrols at an intersection after a student was hit in a cross walk yesterday morning. the 17-year-old boy was on his way to school when he was hit. he is expected to be okay. officers are conducting decoy operations. >> we have had police officers go out in regular clothes, and walk across the cross walk. >> police plan to do more decoy operations in the future. only on 2, a medical break through for heart patients that could give early warning before they have a heart attack. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler went to see a first of its kind device.
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>> reporter: heart attacks kill half a million americans over a year. half get to the emergency room too late to be saved but this gives early warning. he says the experimental device vibrates, a pager beeps. >> can be subtle. >> reporter: like a 24/7 ekg without all this and this device is even more sensitive. >> it is looking at a particular part of the heart rhythm and when there is a significant shift in the portion then it will alert the patient they need to seek immediate help. >> reporter: it frees people from worry over confusing systems. >> could be back pain or
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something else. so this takes -- removes that doubt. you know, is it real or not real. >> reporter: if approved the devices could be available by prescription and it could save thousands of lives. health and science editor john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco public utilities commission repaired the damage by a water main break. this sink hole was created after a pipe pulled apart at 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning. water and mud damaged 2 dozen homes and a dozen car. a snow survey shows january and february of this year were the driest on record. the department of water resources performed their third measurement this season. the reading showed the snow pack at 27 inches which is 57%
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of average and the water content is 68% of average. it provides one third of the water used in california. the lack of rain over the past two months hasn't made too much of an impact on reservoirs. three are above normal. 107% of average, 113% and 100% of normal. officials say the lack of rain isn't a major concern for now. a dry year followed by another dry year might signal a drought is near. fog along the coast. not very winter like. the coastal fog. there is the golden gate bridge. 720 feet. see the fog below thatch let's you know -- that, let's you know low pressure is approaching. half moon way or the great
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highway, the fog is getting compressed. tomorrow morning might be slow for travel. tomorrow temperatures warm up because the air is sinking. it sets up the fog and warms your highs up. 74 tomorrow in santa rosa. tomorrow we will see mid-70s. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. things would be great if it was pointed this way. we have seen that before. when it does we get real wet. it is focused away from the bay area. we stay dry but we stay warm. temperatures warmer than they were yesterday. temperatures trend down on the weekend. some systems knock against the high pressure and looks like they will open the door for something on wednesday or thursday. we will see how it goes. at 10:00 p.m. i will have the latest. right now middle of next week we might see something
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significant. so tomorrow morning coastal fog. might be valley fog but meiny coastal -- but mainly coastal fog. temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the low 70s in the warmest spots. along the coast with the fog, 50s. model shows all the rain going north. saturday afternoon breaks down a little bit. doesn't it? monday, tuesday, wednesday, here comes rain. that model isn't fine tuned but at 10:00 p.m. i will dial it in. but you get the idea. looks like there is moisture in there. 73 in san jose. 74 morgan hill. lots of 70s. wow! doesn't look like march 1. y.
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can be wet and cold. maybe wednesday next week could be the beginning of that. >> enjoy. >> thank you, bill. bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 police face the task of returning to work, and the event at this hour to revitalize one of berkeley's most popular destinations. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. >> reporter: things may be get clearer for san francisco students, students, the program that rolled in today to make sure children get the eye care they need. medications?
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you probably heard of a book mobile, now it is being used for eye glasses. the van stopped in san francisco today to give underserved students free vision tests and eye glasses. the mobile facility has state of the art equipment. organizers plan to see 125 kids today. >> see the reaction of a child when you put glasses on their face for the first time and all of a sudden they could see the leaves on the trees or the building across the street, it
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is -- it is very rewarding. >> i think she likes the glasses. >> she travels all over north america. next stop is salt lake city. mark is here now with sports. >> matt cain will start on opening day and for the a's brett anderson on april 1 and so be it. he was on the mound today. looking good against the cubs. gave up one hit. looking pretty good. the a's derek norris, the young catcher goes deep. the a's lose to the cubs 5-3. matt cain starts the opener for the giants. roughing up this spring.
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6.75 e.r.a, gave up three runs in three innings today. the mariners take care of the giants, but their bright spot, the sweet left handed swing of brandon belt. 4-3 your final. mariners are hot this spring. they won six in a row. >> few years ago tiger woods used to walk on water. these days he is playing in the water. getting dressed for the honda classic and playing himself out of deep trouble. and looking good right there to help himself save a par, number 6. looking pretty good. shot a 7. way back of this guy. who is knocking it dead. birdie at 15. shot a 6 under 64 and he is your leader and we will have full sharks highlights at 10:00
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p.m., that is the sporting live. >> you don't see tiger woods in the water very often -- >> lately. [ laughter ] it is a problem that plagued oakland streets for years, at 10:00 p.m. the new idea to keep the roads clear of illegal dump sites. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we are always here for you on and mobile ktvu. we will see you later.


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